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Glanllyn Farm

Thank you heaps for your interest in our humble but very special farm

Sat on the banks of the River Elwy in beautiful North Wales, we use sustainable and nature friendly farming methods to produce quality lamb from our small flock of home bred ewes. There’s also our little diversification into the legends of the farmyard – our mighty herd of goats!

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About Us

Hi! I’m Sam and my husband is Alex, and we’re working to improve the health, sustainability and biodiversity of the farmyard, the land and two areas of ancient limestone woodlands.


I’m the farmer – or the goat servant if you ask them mischievous loves, Alex is a full time maths teacher, and together we’re doing our best to breath life back in to an old place – working to regenerate our soils, create sustainability and work with nature.


Bringing us closer to our Farm to Fork ideas, our diversification in to goat and lamb meat boxes has not only enabled us to sell healthy, nutrient rich, high welfare and sustainable produce direct to our much treasured customers. We can now invest everything back in to managing the land – especially the soils, hedgerows and woodlands. This is allowing us to carry out much needed work to improve the health and biodiversity for future generations of plants and wildlife.


Right now we’re working towards creating some alluring mini glades within the woods, enhancing the diversity of flora and so giving more fauna a place to call home.


We’re also using the grazing livestock to help regenerate our soils, investing in long term resilient herbal grass leys to reduce erosion, and improve water and carbon sequestration.


Before I drop in to my Nature-and-Environment-Loving-Nerd mode and seeing me witter on at you about the wonders of symbiotic ecosystems and the possibility of reversing climate change, we’ll move swiftly and smartly on to our meat box scheme…


High Welfare Nature Friendly Produce

Each month we produce deliciously lean goat meat boxes or succulent lamb boxes for our awesome customers. It’s up to you loves if you would like a taster, half or whole box. Personally, we really like stocking our freezer up with this versatile healthy meat (less trips to the shops = less of a carbon footprint) hence why we don’t sell just individual cuts, so please do drop us a line with your box preference!


I can deliver within North Wales straight to your door from the family run butchers we use, and once sometimes twice a month, I do deliver out from our farm shop. Also, you are more than welcome to come and collect from our tiny tiny impromptu farm shop.


We also have hogget and mutton available seasonally – hogget is slow grown lamb which is over a year old and the meat is so so tender. Just as with our lamb, these have enjoyed a completely pasture fed slow grown life and I’ll pop availability up on my social media posts. Or so as not to miss out, please sign up to join our mailing list through the Contact Us bit at the bottom of this page.

The Meat Boxes

Our goat and lamb boxes come in a choice of sizes as listed below. Whole boxes need to be pre-ordered so that our butcher can make the best of the cuts for you – please get in touch for some helpful tips and more information.


We use recyclable boxes and Woolcool fleece pouches if needed with their natural sustainable insulation – just one more way we’re working to lessen our impact on the planet.


By law all meat has be wrapped and sealed in plastic so we’ve decided to plant some hedges to help offset our carbon footprint.


We do take pre-orders too, if you have a personal preference for how you’d like our butcher to chop your meat – please do get in touch with us using the contact form below.

The Taster Box


Roasting Joint

2 Packs of Pie Diced
Packs of Chops

Pack of Goat & Herb Sausages
Pack of Lamb & Mint Burgers

Goat Taster Box £40
Lamb Taster Box £36

Great intro to healthy versatile goat meat or an absolute lamb treat!

The Half Box


Whole Leg
Roasting Joint

Whole Shoulder
boned and rolled

Rack of Ribs/Cutlets

Pie Diced goat meat
Lamb chops

Got & Herb Sausages
Lamb & Mint Burgers

Goat Half Box £85
Lamb Half Box £78

Or please get in touch with your preferred cuts for a pre-order

The Whole Box


Whole leg roasting joint

Half leg roasting joint

Leg steaks

Whole rolled shoulder

Pie diced shoulder

2 Racks of Ribs/Cutlets


Boned and Rolled Loin


Goat Whole Box £150
Lamb Whole Box £140

Ideal for stocking up your freezer - or share with friends and family!

Contact Us

Please use the form below with any questions, orders or to be added to our mailing list. Also, you can get in touch through Facebook or Instagram (click on links at top of page)

We (me and Sid here, one of our future breeding ewe sweethearts) look forward to hearing from you!

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